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blue imp logoFamily-owned since 1917, Blue Imp is proud to be Canada’s longest-standing manufacturer of playground and park equipment. Blue Imp designs and fabricates a vast array of products at their manufacturing facility in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Built on a reputation for durability and playability, Blue Imp strives to craft inspiring designs using superior materials that stand up to enthusiastic play and extreme weather. Their high-quality products are infused with family pride and backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.  To view Blue Imp's Catalogue, visit the Blueimp.com web site.


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Dynamo Playgrounds is a Canadian company based out of Ottawa, Ontario and has been revolutionizing the playground industry with cutting edge rotational games and climbing structures such as Biggo-Swings, Playnets, Climbing nets and many, many more products designed to offer children a challenging and creative playground environment. Combining the fun element of climbing with the thrill of motion, their dynamic games incorporate elements of movement, balance, exercise and teamwork while exceeding the requirements of today's heightened safety concerns.


rock craft logo 164Play Walls - Bouldering, the latest innovation in physical exercise for parks, is helping to reshape the way kids and adults play. RockCraft boulders are an ideal addition to any playground because they: foster physical fitness; promote co-operative play; provide a safe challenge for individuals of all skill levels."



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Northwest Rubber - When kids play, they also fall, and that's where Northwest Rubber comes to the rescue. Their PlayFall rubber safety tiles are designed to meet the stringent ASTM requirements for playground fall safety and is available in a variety of thickness to match the fall heights of most play equipment and events. PlayFall Safety Tiles are durable, resilient and porous to allow free drainage and comes in two standard finishes. Northwest Rubber also offers PlayFall Loose Fill Crumb Rubber, made from 100% recycled rubber, providing a safe, resilient, non-abrasive surface for your play areas; and PlayFall Wear Pads which eliminates ditches at the end of the slides or under swings. Don't Play On Anything Less!


themed conceptsThemed Concepts - Since 1971, Themed Concepts’ management team has been involved in the theming industry, installing projects all over the world. Since the successful completion of the first glass-fibre-reinforced concrete (GFRC) installation, they began installing artificial rocks and trees all over the world - in zoos, amusement parks, hotel & resorts, restaurants and malls. The design team at Themed Concepts believes that anything is possible. If it can be imagined, it can be built. They have designed and built playgrounds with everything from pirate ships to dinosaurs, fairy tale castles to tree houses - and everything in between. Themed Concepts continues to lead the industry with new innovations and time-tested results.


harmony park logoHarmony Park - Music by its very nature is universal. Freenotes are beautiful instruments that focus on social sustainability for public spaces. Embracing Universal Design, Freenotes create environments that are useable by all people, including an aging population, people with disabilities and an increasingly diverse culture. They also meet the need for doing more with less. Enhancing any outdoor setting with music, they make public spaces useable and appealing to all.