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The following is a sample support letter to send to local companies for donations for a Read-A-Thon. This letter can be adapted to the individual fund-raising activity.

Sample Donation Letter

"The (name of school) has recognized the need for playground equipment. We have children attending our school whose parent is employed by (name of company). As a fundraiser, these children are hosting a Read-A-Thon called "For the Love of Reading" starting (date) for a three-week period. We are inviting local company volunteers to come and listen to our young children read, one by one. The local media have been contacted and love this story.

May we count on your donation of a one-time amount, not only in support of the playground but to encourage the children to read?

For today's children to grow into productive, creative and giving individuals, we need to recognize, acknowledge and respect them. Help us to create some of the opportunities and memories that will assist in moulding these future leaders in our communities.